Terms and

Terms & Conditions of Service

  1. General

    Our primary goal is to implement a project and completely satisfy our client --or better yet-- go beyond their expectations. Client expectations are vastly dependent on knowledge, or assumed knowledge of the project. Because much of what we do we can't possibly expect the client to fully understand, we strive to give the client a simplified understanding of the required processes to achieve what they desire.

  2. Estimates

    A.Fruit Design dedicates substantial resources into the creation of estimates so that they are as accurate as possible --both in defining the scope of clients vision, and in determining the cost of that vision. An estimate is an approximation, because facets of projects often change from the original proposal.

    Sometimes client expectations regarding the inclusion of specific components are not always communicable prior to the development of project scopes and estimates. In this regard, items that arise after the definition of the project, can mean that they were not considered when the estimate was created.

    It is because of these two reasons that it is possible for a project to have an end cost that is different from the estimated amount in the original proposal. Refer to Section [4] Additional Charges. A.Fruit Design is dedicated to maintain open communication with our clients, so when project changes arise, the subsequent change in cost is understood.

  3. Process: The Stages of Your Project

    All project stages are subject to review and approval by the client before the next stage ensues. If it is necessary to revisit a stage that has been approved and surpassed, additional charges may incur, depending on the nature of the required changes.

    A stage is considered approved and ready to be surpassed, when the designated client representative has given verbal or written approval for A.Fruit Design to proceed onward.

    1. Client Representative Designation

      The client representative is the individual who signed the estimate/proposal. Only this person has the power to approve any aspect of the project, or make any decisions regarding change in the project requirements, unless another individual is designated by specific request of the client.

      If no estimate/proposal was created the person who made the verbal or written request for the project in question is the designated representative.

  4. Additional Charges

    As full compensation for the services to be provided by A. Fruit, Client agrees to pay Standard Rates for all services requested by the Client, which are over and above the items specified in the estimate. A. Fruit will maintain all appropriate time records and provide client with monthly invoices for billable time spent on Client's behalf under the terms of this agreement. No work that will knowingly incur additional charges will be carried out without the consent of the client. Rather, upon the request of such an item, communication from A.Fruit Design to client will explain the discrepancy in scope and cost.

  5. Payment & Billing

    Payment Terms: 50% down for projects less then $1000, 25% down for all others, upon acceptance of estimate. If your project lasts longer then 1 month, completed project work may be billed progressively on a monthly basis. All invoices are due and payable 30 days after receipt. The grant of any license or right of copyright is conditioned on receipt of full payment. Refer to Section [6] Liscensing & Right of Copyright. Forms of payment accepted: cash, check, certified money order.

    1. Deposits & Down-payments

      A.Fruit Design Requires 50% of the total estimate down for projects less then $1000, 25% of the total estimate down for all others, to initiate the project. The amount paid is credited to the client account, and is noted and calculated in on subsequent invoices for that project. If an estimate is not provided, then no deposit is required.

    2. Late Payments

      31 days after an invoice has been administered, that invoice is late. Late invoices incur the following charges:

      Invoice Total Late Charge Frequency
      Up to $100 $10 Every 30 days until paid
      Up to $500 $15 Every 30 days until paid
      Up to $1000 $20 Every 30 days until paid
      Over $1000 2% of invoice Every 30 days until paid
  6. Liscensing & Right of Copyright

    Licensing rights and limitations may be defined with your project proposal and estimate. If no specific licensing and copyright details are documented within the proposal, full/unlimited copyright is granted for the work created upon final and complete payment of all invoices for the project. If complete payment is not made, no right of copyright or license to use the created works is granted.

    Using works without receiving full copyright or specific licensing terms is a violation of federal copyright law, with punishable statutory damages up to $25,000 for each infringement (use). United States Copyright Office

If you have any additional questions regarding our terms of service feel free to contact A.Fruit Design, using the contact info you have on file, or one of our various channels of communication.

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