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AdWords Crack

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

You’ve had a taste, felt the rush, and now you can’t stop.

In my time as a web designer/developer/marketer, I’ve seen many businesses who use Google Adwords as the foundation for their online sales and/or lead-generation.  And why not?  Advertising is advertising isn’t it?  You pay someone for exposure to a market, which brings you leads, then you convert those leads for your own business profit.

But in today’s digital market place, automation and commoditization of ad placement has created the perfect-storm for facilitating an on-going addiction for short-term marketing bumps, often leaving ad-junkies with minimal gains, lighter pockets, and the need to spend more. Pay-Per-Click: In my personal view, it’s an epidemic of sorts. (more…)

Indexing: What is It, and Why Does Google Need to Do It?

Monday, July 21st, 2008

A few days after I had launched my website, my wife rattled off some search terms in Google and she commented on how my website couldn’t be found. My response, was one of mild contempt: “Yeah, you won’t find it in Google, because my site hasn’t been indexed yet.” I quickly realized that she didn’t know what ‘indexing’ was, and figured that probably most people (outside website design, development, and marketing) don’t understand what indexing is, or how Google works.

And why should they? People type in what they need to find in Google, and what comes up is proof enough that the system is working. But if you’re a business owner with a website or you have your own personal site and you’d like to get listed into Google, the concept of ‘indexing’ is one you should understand. Perhaps you might just be curious what the magic is behind your searches that return the list of sites you get to choose from.