Graphic Design, Web Design, Branding Launches (Finally)

To say that it’s momentous to me, would be an understatement.

The A.Fruit Design website has been in some stage of development for almost two years, incurring numerous format changes, tons of content re-writes, and one complete redesign all behind the scenes. Intermittent months of latency, caused by prioritizing client work over my own marketing efforts had at times dragged my progress down to a halt. When at a stand-still there were times it’d stay frozen for weeks, even months on end. But like a glacier, the terrain of my prioritization could only slow my progress, and sooner or later the slow progression forward prevailed.

Now that the launch is behind us, a great weight feels lifted — even if there are many ‘odds-and-ends’ to fix, change, or complete. There are many additions planned for almost every area of the site. What’s currently represented is basically a starting point. As stuff gets built, important areas will be announced in our newsletter which can be subscribed to here: The Juicebox (if you are currently a client, you’re already signed up). You can subscribe to the Blog RSS feed, to get notifications of future posts in the aggregator / feed reader of your choice.

Along with this strategic shift away from complete web-invisibility, I am making several drastic changes to internal systems, processes, and policies. All of these changes are specifically designed to better serve my existing and future clients.

4 Responses to “ Launches (Finally)”

  1. A.Fruit Says:

    I’d also like to note, that although I don’t consider myself a writer, in this blog I will be trying to post articles about design, marketing, the web, etc. as much as I am able and deem necessary.

    The way I see it, there’s two main aspects surrounding blogs: [1] So the author can bestow his unfaltering knowledge and gospel to an audience, and [2] So the readers can comment on the post telling him how wrong and full of crap the author is.

  2. Michael Schurter Says:

    Absolutely stunning site! Congrats on the (re-)launch!

    Might want to get Apache rewrites turned on though to get rid of the /index.php/ bit.

  3. A.Fruit Says:

    What implications would that have on pages indexed in Google already?

    …Meaning if you went to the /index.php/ address would it rewrite you to the new URL?

    Apache configuration: This is the kind of nerdery, that I’ll have to do some looking into. I generally tense up when ever Apache, the terminal, ssh, or things of the like get suggested. Thanks for the help Michael!

  4. A.Fruit Says:

    Nice. I got it figured out.

    For some reason I thought I’d have to actually mess with the .htaccess file directly. Silly me. I should have known WordPress would have my back. “Pretty url, pretty, pretty url.”

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